Essential Standards: Unpacked Content


Essential Standards: Grade 3 Science: Unpacked Content

3.P.2.1 Air

3.P.1 Understand motion and factors that affect motion.

3.P.1.1 Infer changes in speed or direction resulting from forces acting on an object.

This means that students know that when a force acts on an object it will result in a change of speed and / or direction.

3.P.1.2 Compare the relative speeds (faster or slower) of objects that travel the same distance in different amounts of time.

This means that students know that speed can vary. Students know that varying the speed of a moving object will affect the time it takes for the object to travel a particular distance. 

3.P.1.3 Explain the effect of earth’s gravity on the motion of any object on or near the earth.

This means that students know that the earth ‘pulls’ on all objects on or near the earth without touching those objects.