What are text talk lessons?

-an instructional strategy that utilizes read-alouds to construct meaning from the text and increase vocabulary

Teachers choose a text to read-aloud and plan for discussion to help students better understand the text. 

Using explicit instruction, 3 or 4 words are selected to teach after the story has been read. These words are chosen based on:

-the frequency the word will likely occur in future text

-the importance in comprehending the text

Teacher gives the context the word was discussed in the story and provides a child-friendly definition.

Students repeat the word.

Interact with the student about the word in different contexts.

Students repeat the word again. 

The process is repeated with other Tier 2 Vocabulary words. 

To review, the teacher gives the students different examples or scenarios to choose the appropriate word. 

Source of Text Talk Lessons

Text Talk Lessons-DFW and WOS Media Center Collection

Another Source of Text Talk Lessons

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